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spring beauty essentials: add these products to your spring 2023 wishlist

spring beauty essentials: add these products to your spring 2023 wishlist

hey babe!

spring time just screams soft and sweet body care! im always reaching for light and fluffy scents that compliment this season best. we've created our spring vault to help you choose the BEST products this spring. let's get into some of these spring essentials!


getting ready for spring break? here's what you need! 

1. our marshmallow body milk is THE perfect spring scent (in my opinion). it's sweet, light & fluffy. she smells like light marshmallow fluff with hints of vanilla. plus she has amazing skin benefits including: 

—incredibly moisturizing and can help keep your skin hydrated and soft. 


—they are formulated with natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals, so they are gentle on all skin types. 


—effective at healing dry, cracked, or irritated skin. 


—great for pampering stretch marks and cellulite. 


—have a luxurious texture and can make your skin feel pampered and smooth.


2. if you want to stay fresh while going to class, the gym, work, running errands or even chilling in the house, add the angel like her feminine oil to your cart! infused with dreamy, angelic vibes, this heavenly elixir helps ease razor bumps, block chaffing, and hydrate your vulva. plus, combat vaginal odor, dryness, period cramps and itching, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections -all while maintaining the pH of your vaginal health and goddess energy. 


3. an icon, a buttery legend- the butter lip mask in vanilla bean dream! with the weather changing like crazy, my lips definitely take a hit. this lip mask is perfect to use daily AND overnight to deeply nourish and restore your dry or cracked lips. think therapy but for your lips! whipped to perfection, the butter lip mask is all you need for heavenly lips!


an easter treat, grab one for you and your bestie!

NEW! jelly bean body milk, our iconic whipped body milk formula mixed with a sweet fruity candy scent to bring you the perfect scent to add to your easter basket! i absolutely love this scent because it's perfect for ALL ages, the light and sweet scent of candy embodies the joining of our soft girl body care products and your perfect easter sunday! so put on your jelly bean body milk and your fave easter outfit and take on the day!


shop now:

marshmallow body milk

angel like her feminine oil

butter lip mask

jelly bean body milk

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